Dear Matt...

Oh Boo...
Life keeps going and you're still not here with me.
Oh, I know not by choice.
I know that.
But still...
I feel your absence everyday.
I think I miss your little face most of all.
It was so bright and kind and funny and intelligent.
It was a face to stop for.
A face that would burrow in my heart.
Deep, deep in there.
You always got annoyed with me cuz I always touched your face.
Well, I loved it!
So there!
I loved to feel the warmth coming off of your skin.
It wasn't baby soft, but it was comforting.
And I loved the roughness of your stubble.
I would look at you while you slept and fall deeper in love with you.
You were so peaceful and looked so innocent.
Those lashes fanning your cheeks.
That soft breathing.
I always wanted to wake you up so that I could tell you how beautiful you were.
You were my love.
You ARE my love.
Soon for all eternity.
I can't wait.


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